World agriculture relies heavily on chemicals for crop growth and protection. Present-day problems encountered by conventional pesticides concern on the one hand their efficacy which is regularly broken down by rapidly evolving pathogens. And, on the other hand, many of the active substances present up to now in classical pesticides have negative toxicological profiles for both humans and the environment.

In the nineties, about one thousand active substances were used as pesticides in Europe. Since 2010, the European legislation resulted in the disappearance of about 70% of these active substances (including many herbicides, fungicides, insecticides, growth regulators ...).

Synthetic Pesticide Industry spends 4 billion $ per year and yet :

  • The last new mode of action in herbicides was found in the 80's
  • Concerning fungicides, only two modes of action have been discovered in 20 years, and one lost efficacy to resistance within three years
  • 80 % of the insecticides market belong to only four modes of action
  • One new active substance costs 240 million $ to launch after screening 140.000 molecules

Currently the rate of arrival of new active substances is insignificant compared to the many substances which are removed from the market. The professionals of the sector find themselves more and more stripped to face weeds, diseases and insects.

It is therefore urgent to develop alternatives that are both efficient and environment-friendly.

In this context, FytoFend develops alternative products in order to bring innovating solutions for the crop protection sector.